Frank Dwyer

Frank Dwyer

President, Rhinebeck Asset Management │Financial Advisor, Osaic Institutions, Inc.

Frank entered the financial securities industry as a messenger on Wall Street. His eagerness to learn about the markets and his enthusiasm about finances led him to the New York Stock Exchange in NYC, where for 28 years Frank traded equities as a member of the NYSE and senior institutional trader.

For the past 12 years Frank has focused on the Hudson Valley and has held various executive management positions with local financial institutions, building and managing their investment programs. His passion is to bring his knowledge, experience, and education about the financial industry to individuals and organizations and to provide the guidance needed to navigate the many challenges they face financially.

As Frank strategically leads his team of financial advisors successfully assisting their clients in achieving their financial goals, his primary focus is on "the client and their purpose for investing, which ultimately leads to their investment." "We are not looking to chase performance in investing our client's money but rather looking to build a road map for financial independence and success based on suitability."

Frank lives locally in Orange County with his family and among many interests and hobbies he enjoys reading about history, current events, and especially financial topics.